Dr. Carlston was recently quoted as an expert for an article in Reader's Digest entitled,
"7 Things Every Parent Should Do to Prevent Summer Weight Gain"

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Medical Doctor Building

New Formula includes PROBIOTICS

NSAIDs Are Harmful for Athletes and the Rest of Us...

Slowly people are letting go of their love of NSAIDs (ibuprofen, ADVIL, Naproxen, NAPROSYN, etc). They are far from benign painkillers.Many people mistakenly view "inflammat... read more

More About the Brain and Electromagnetic Fields...

Following up on the article I wrote about electromagnetic field treatment of the deadliest brain cancer the FDA has now appr... read more

HIIT – The Missing Jewel Of Your Exercise Regimen...

Our bodies are designed for movement. There are many different ways to move, each good for us for different reasons. Most people know about cardio<... read more

Be Wary of Experts

A medical news headline the other day about the long term impacts of lead contained a couple of meanings for me.The obvious one was that... read more

Product Dates and Food Safety

Is your food safe? Can you feed your kids that milk/tofu/bacon/baby food/whatever, without being afraid that you are going to make them sick because the food is bad, because of ... read more

Unethical Corporate Influences on Health Care...

Over just the last few months, a rash of unethical corporate behaviors, all in some way involving monetary influences on health care, have come to light.read more

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