Philosophy Statement

My medical practice is based upon my philosophy of integrating the best of conventional and alternative therapies. The well-being of the patient must always come first, so any treatment which has the potential to improve the patient’s health should be considered. I use my 30 years experience applying alternative therapies and teaching other physicians about these therapies to provide patients with the best care I can. Although the foundation of this practice is my conventional medical training, at its heart is respect for the body’s innate healing power and attention to all aspects of your unique qualities and concerns.

I deeply appreciate the richness of this world, and so have many interests. This site reflects those varied interests. Within medicine my special interests include family health (I am a family practitioner), diet, sports medicine, herbal medicine and the power our inner being has over our physical health. This is a wonderful time to be a physician because of the new openness to learning all ways of helping patients. For many years those of us who felt orthodox medicine needed to set aside its presumption of completeness endured ridicule. Fortunately, attitudes are changing, and with this evolution we have the freedom to critically examine all approaches in the effort to relieve suffering. This healthier intellectual climate is accelerating the pace at which we learn how to optimally apply all varieties of therapy. This healing of medicine helps heal us all.

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